Goblin warrior

Goblin Warrior

Level 18 Attack Type Melee
HP 309 Locations Zakandia Outpost, Zakandia
Gold 64 ~ 124
Aggro Special Special Attacks Bleed Lv.2
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 50 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 50 kills
Walk Quotes
  • If I had to make a choice... I would choose food!
  • Let's start fresh today with soldier's dignity!
  • I'm a goblin soldier with pride! Hah!
  • I heard that our king has a lot of treasures...
  • If only I had a little bit of the king's treasure...
  • I can't forgive those who are bigger than me!
  • What is the purpose of living? I'm wasting my time meaninglessly...
Death Quotes
  • Ugh!
  • Ugggh help...
  • This one was too strong...
  • My vision is becoming blurry...
  • I won't resist any more!

Notes: Goblin Warriors located in Zakandia Outpost have a short aggro range, while those in Zakandia have a long range.

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