Goblin Rodeo
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Vancloudia
Ending NPC Vancloudia
Prerequisites None
Required Level 19
Location Zakandia Outpost
Rewards 1960 Gold, 11193 EXP, 2x Durelin
Quest Chain
Previous Next
unknown unknown


The situation hasn't improved much. The Goblin Patriarchs and Guards still remain. They are the goblin elite. You must go defeat them.


Simply kill 10 Goblin Guards and 10 Goblin Patriarchs. The best place to go is the far east of the Zakandia Outpost, right off the Zakandia Canyon. The Patriarchs are more plentiful there, but Klulerhorn is also there. Patriarchs have sticks and Klulerhorn has a staff.

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