Goblin Kings are found throughout Zakandia Outpost and Zakandia. They are noticeably weaker than most other boss monsters, respawn faster, and appear in multiple locations. They can be found in the Northwest and southeast corners of Zakandia Outpost, as well as the southwest corner of Zakandia(Goblin hills).

Goblin king

Goblin King

Level 22 Attack Type Melee
HP 1742 Locations Zakandia Outpost, Zakandia
Gold ~236
Aggro Short Special Attacks ?
Boss Yes
Item Drop Low Physical Strength HP Potion, Opal, Cotton Cloth, Cotton Cloth Pattern: Robe, Spirit of the Earth: Zakandia, Monster of the Integers - Lv 20
Equipment Drop Hard Leather Armor, Composite Armor, Steel Two Handed Ax, Alacritous Hunter's Gloves

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