[VIP] Marine Guy's Gloves {PERMANENT}
Vital statistics
Type Costume
Effects Str +3, Part of 'Pirate' Costume Set
Source Shining Garbage, Rumored to be less than 1% in drop rate by double-clicking this item. Can be acquired in Alker Harbor Farming Region by fishing.
Cost to buy Buy amount
Cost to sell Sell amount


  • The Source of this Information: The internet sources/people who've played Older Luna Online Releases than the Current Release are your friend. Use them well.
  • This item is part of the 'Pirate' Costume set. Unlike other costumes before it, it is PERMANENT, and does not expire. Gives various status boosts, one of the most important and most desired, being Movement Speed. Set Boosts/Individual Status Boosts will be listed at a later date in time.
  • It's rumored to be a 1% or less drop from double clicking Shining Garbage, which can be acquired by fishing in Alker Harbor Farming Region.

Set Boost InformationEdit

 [VIP]Pirate's Cloak (30 days)
 [VIP]Prince of the Ocean Marine [PERMANENT]
 [VIP]Marine Guy's Gloves [PERMANENT]
 [VIP]Pirate's Eye Patch (30 Days)
 [VIP]Captain's Uniform [PERMANENT]
 [VIP]Marine Guy's Long Boots [PERMANENT]

 [2]Intelligence +3, Wisdom +2, Movement Speed +119
 [4]MP+350, [Transfer Mana]skill level+1
 [6]Physical Attack Power +5%, Magical Attack Power +5%


  • The only two items of this set that are continuously expirable and openly available for constant purchase, are available via the Fishing Shop in the Alker Harbor Farming Region. So in order to constantly have the full set of 6, you'll have to purchase from there every 30 days.
  • There are expirable versions of this costume available in the Cash Shop. It's not as cool though. ;)
  • This guide has been brought to you by your friendly neighborhood iConnect. ;)

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