Gladiators are arguably the best damage dealers of the Tier 4 fighter classes. With their extraordinary damage output, gladiators are unafraid of any foe. With their aggressive style, Gladiators prefer to go into battle using two-handed weapons with three area of effect damage skills at their disposal. Gladiators have multiple buffs and passive abilities that aid in increasing their potential for damage output. Gladiators also have an area of effect defensive debuff.


  • Best damage output of the Tier 4 fighter classes
  • Three area of effect attack skills
  • Area of effect debuff
  • Attack speed, attack power, and critical damage buffs and passives


  • No Heavy Armor Expertise


Burning Crash 10

Earthquake 10

Wheel Wind 15

Flame Smash 5 2H

Earth Wave 5 2H ranged

Two Hand Training 20

Sword Training 10

Axe Training 10

Rage Burst 6

Fighter's Heart 6

Reinforce Vital 8

Blessing Fighter 8

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