Giant eyebat

Giant Eyebat

You may be looking for Eyebat

Level 32 Attack Type Melee
HP 548 Locations Moon Blind Forest
Gold 142 ~ 285
Aggro Long Special Attacks None
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 300 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 300 kills
  • Silent Forest's Leather Gloves
  • Wand of Faith (0.33%)
  • Divine Robe (0.33%)
  • Nature Energy's Leather Armor
  • Silent Forest's Leather Armor
  • Water God's Shoes
Walk Quotes
  • The director didn't let me have a seat and rest!
  • Don't sit too close to the monitor when you're using a computer.
  • I muscle ache in my shoulders because I keep flying.
  • I didn't have plastic surgery on my eyes just because they are big. These are all
  • It doesn't feel good having other around me with the same face.
  • Did I gain too much weight? I can't fly high.
  • If I don't pay close attention to my eyes, they might pop out.
  • Who tore up all my wings?
  • Whew, if I stop flapping my wings, I'll fall down.
Death Quotes
  • Ah, if only the golden bat was here.
  • I'm not really dying...
  • I actually wanted to be a bird...
  • Finally, I can have a rest on the floor...

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