Ghost flower

Ghost Flower

Level 3 Attack Type Magic
HP 96 Locations The Gate of Alker
287, 227
Gold 1 ~ 5
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 50 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 50 kills
Walk Quotes
  • Not pretty, but lovely!
  • Yum yum...Nobody is supposed to touch me while eating. Would anybody do
  • Ah, I feel bored. I want to attack somebody!
  • I'm thirsty. Someone give me water!
  • I want to move around like the others do.
  • Who said that my head is like a mace?
  • Is there any flower that's prettier than me?
  • I feel fortunate to have my brothers around me. It's boring to be alone.
  • Where am I from? I must have been a seed when I was young, huh?
  • Hahaha! My proud leaves!
Death Quotes
  • I will come back as a beautiful flower after being reborn as a seed...
  • I could have run away if I had legs...
  • It was going to beat you nicely...
  • Ah! It's time to go back to the land...