Welcome to Luna Online: Reborn. This is a short guide about beginning the game which briefly explains game controls and mechanism.

Creating a characterEdit

After logging in to your account, you should create a character. In Character Selection screen, choose Create character. This will lead you to character creation screen. In this screen you can see various options for character customization. The options from top are:

  • Camp: There are two factions in the game. Red camp and Blue camp. Your camp will be used in PK Zones and Guild System.
  • Race: Your character race which can be Human, Elf or Majin.
  • Class: Your character starting class which can be Fighter,Rogue or Mage for Humans an Elves. Currently Majin only have one starting class so these options are disabled if you select Majin as your race.
  • Sex: Your character gender which can be Male or Female.
  • Appearance: Your character appearance. Currently, only hair style and eye style are customizeable but more options may be added in future.
  • CharacterName: Your character name.

After creating your character, you can select it in Character Selection screen and start game by pressing Game Connection button.


Hotkey Description
C Character Info
K Skills
I Inventory
T Tutorial
F Family
Q Quests
G Guild
B Friends
N World Map
M Area Map
[0..1] Quickslot 1
Ctrl+[0..1] Quickslot 2
Alt+{drag item} Split Stacks
Arrow Keys/RMB Move Camera
Tab Select nearest enemy

For complete list of hotkeys and controls, see Hotkeys.

See AlsoEdit

Here are some information you may want to know:

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