Fungus pawn

Fungus Pawn

Level 2 Attack Type Melee
HP 85 Locations The Gate of Alker
Gold 2 ~ 4
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss No
Item Drop
Equipment Drop
Walk Quotes
  • My head keeps shaking...
  • Mushrooms are good for your health...huh!?
  • I feel like...I'm a mushroom boy...
  • We should find fertile soil in a short time...
  • I think the soil here is pretty good.
  • Isn't there soil that's good enough for me to stay?
  • It's nice to be able to run around.
  • There isn't any mushroom as big as me!
  • My legs hurt if I keep running...
  • But, can a mushroom run around like this?
Death Quotes
  • Ack! Am I going to be cooked?
  • I'm a pretty famous mushroom. I feel vexed...
  • My brothers aren't going to leave you alone...
  • I'm going to get revenge after being reborn as a poisonous mushroom!