Friendly Neighbor
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Wiff
Ending NPC Tierre
Prerequisites Completion of "Class Master"
Required Level 4
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 299 EXP
Quest Chain
Previous Next
Class Master Equipment Delivery


"Hello there!
I am Wiff.
probably guessed, but I am a knight keeping watch of this place.
Well, people call me Class Master but don't call me that - it sounds burdenful.
So, have you looked around the village? It's not that complicated if you look around just a little.
Go to Tierre, who stays in Front of me. She is like a cousin to me now, since we have been living close to each other.
I used to deny the Rogue Union, but my thoughts have changed much nowadays, staying close to her.
Pop in and say hello to her. <Accept the quest.>

Say Hello to Tierre, who stays in Front of me.
And if ever you're interested in Chivalry, come to me. Of course, after you've matured.


Meet Tierre, the Rogue Union Class Master in Alker Harbor.

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