• Human Fighter

"Holds giant weapons in both hands. They all have the same goal to develop themselves to be the best through a relentless battle."

- As warriors, humans are more suited to dealing damage as opposed to taking damage. Their survivability is still quite high, second only to Elf fighters.

  • Elf Fighter

"Elves prefer defense over aggression. Elves, will protect themselves and others even in front of many opponents, they won't yield to anything."

- Elf fighters specialize in defense. With high HP and DEF, they can take a serious beating and still walk away in one piece. They don't kill as fast as human fighters, but that's a small price to pay for your life (Or, more specifically, your hard earned EXP)

Fighters come in two types: Offensive and Defensive.

- Offensive fighters focus on damage rather than defense. They are still very resilliant, however.

- Defensive fighters focus on heavy defense with slightly lighter damage. They can survive longer against more powerful foes, but at the cost of might.

Note: The Knight job path for warriors is balanced between Offense and Defense.

Mage Edit

  • Human Mage

"With full control over the flow of Mana, they can turn darkness into light and light into dark. They become strong friends when you are working together or a dangerous foe when faced in combat."

- Human mages focus on damage. Their race specific class (Monk) is a close range battler who deals big damage. Of course, with that in mind, it would cost quite a bit of money in potions to keep it up consistantly.

  • Elf Mage

"Feel the Mana's flow at the center of Mana's flow, and they are with Mana. The power that starts from their hands sometimes heals other, and sometimes blow away rock without any mark left."

- Elf mages' race specific class (Elemental Master) focuses mainly on buff spells and support. They can be INCREDIBLY helpful to have around, but soloing can be painful.

Mages come in three types: Offensive, Healer, and Buff (Elf only).

- Offensive mages use the power of Fire, Water, and Wind to deal damage to one or many foes, as well as status effects such as reduced speed, stun, etc.

- Healers are gifted with healing spells, which can be used to heal allies. They also have some defensive buff spells.

- Buff mages are Elemental Master elves. They specialize in powerful buffs as opposed to battle/aid. They have some offensive ability, as do Healers, but not much by comparison to Offensive mages.

Rogue Edit

  • Human Rogue

"More mysterious than a shadow, Darker than the darkness. When you see the Rogue's dagger it means only death. These nimble and secretive attackers cause even the bravest warriors to watch their backs."

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