Fighters dominate the battlefield, preferring to dish out damage at melee range. These powerful combatants are just as comfortable wielding two-handed weapons or using a sword and a shield for extra defense.
  — Old Luna Description 

They wield giant two-handed swords in the battlefield, showing their aggressive nature. Each goal and ideal of individuals is different, but humans do share a common path, being committed to excellence by culti... (duo to a visual bug, the rest of the text is unreadable).
  — Reborn Human Fighter Description 

They are usually defensive rather than aggressive duo to their characters. Elves will protect allies and never yield to enemies even if they are outnumbered.
  — Reborn Elf Fighter Description 

A Human Fighter

Fighters are the brute force, close range combat specialists of Luna Online. Unlike Rogues, Fighters naturally have a large health pool and heavy armor. Although a Fighter is adept in a multitude of weaponry, a Fighter must choose to follow either of two paths early in his career.

Overview Edit

While Fighters lack in magic, they make up in physical force. A Fighter is not gifted with the magic of a Mage or with the agility of a Rogue, but he overcomes this through continued dedication to the mastery of weapons. A Fighter begins with a few simple skills, but they are enough to support him until he joins the ranks of the Warriors and Guards.

All new Fighters naturally begin with Boost Light Sword and Boost Heavy Sword. Although these skills are simple and effective during the early levels, a Fighter quickly gains access to more powerful abilities, such as Windy Slash and Crash Blow. To maximize the abilities later in the Fighter's career, Fighters generally begin specializing in One-Handed Weapons or Two-Handed Weapons, along with the decision to further specialize into the Sword, Axe, or Mace.


Fighter can change class at level 20, 40, 70, 100, and at level 125. At level 20, a Fighter may choose to hone his skills as a master of heavy, but devastating two-handed weapons and become a Warrior, or don a shield to protect him and his friends from any number of enemies as a Guard.

For the other tier (level 40, 70, 100 and 125) of class change, each class caters an improvement of previous class skills or a new set of unique skills. Choosing a class at each tier determines a class path. Class path might depends on your character race, goal role in a party (damage dealer, tank, or hybrid), or your personal choice (like playing for pvp or pve). Some players prefer hybrid type path to increase endurance.

here are examples of class path

  • Warrior > Swordsman > Gladiator > Destroyer (Human race path only)
  • Guard > Swordsman/Infantryman > Rune Knight > Paladin (Elf race path only)

Fighter Class Guide



Heavy Armor is ideal for Fighters, since it gives a bigger boost in def than other sets. Altough sometimes people prefer to go with Light Armor and sacrifice a little bit their def because there are some light sets with higher Dex, Crit rate and Str, which fits pretty nice for any Fighter.


Sword (Two-handed) is the weapon for made for Fighters. High amount of P.Pow and Strength is usually the most common bonus stat found in Swords.


Active Skill listEdit

Skill Req. Equipment Attack Type (Range) Casting Time
Crash blow Crash Blow Two Handed Weapon Single Target Instant
Lifts Two-handed Weapon and smashes down the target to deal X damage.
Wind slashing Wind Slashing One Handed Weapon Single Target Instant

Quickly slashes the target and deals X damage.

Single target Single Attack One Handed Weapon Single Target Instant

Powerfully pierces the enemy to deal X damage and cause Poison on the target by 70% chance. Targets in Poison Status will receive about Y poison damage per second for 8.0s.

Uppercut Uppercut Two Handed Weapon Single Target Instant

Hits up quickly with Two-handed Weapon to deal X and knock the target back.

Fighter's heart Fighter's Heart --- Single Target (15m) Instant

Increases the target's Strength by X for 20 minutes.

Deep Risen Spin Deep Risen Spin --- Single Target (5.4m) Instant

Quickly spins and pulls the target within X range closer.

Invisible rope Invisible Rope --- AOE (0.5) Instant

Invisible aura from body engulfs enemies within range. Engulfed targets receive X damage and become immovable for 2.0s.

Vital powerup Vital Powerup --- Self and Party Buff Instant

Increases party memeber's Vitality by X for 15m.

Fighter's Blessing Fighter's Blessing --- Self Buff Instant

When current MP Percentage is 70 or above, Normal attack speed increase by X and Agility increased by X.

Passive Skill listEdit

Passive Skill
One-Handed Training One-Handed Training

Equipping One hand Weapon increases Physical Damage by X.

Enhanced HP Enhanced HP

Increases MAX HP by X + 1.0%.

Two handed training Two-Handed Training

Equipping Two hand Weapon increases Physical Damage by X.

Offensive postion Offensive Position

Trains the basic stance of attack. Increases Physical Damage by X.

Defensive position Defensive Position

Trains the basic stance of defense. Increases Physical and Magical Defense by X.