Panzer Edit

Crusader Edit

Destroyer Edit

Human only.

Sword Master Edit

Magnus Edit

Elf only.


Cardinal Edit

Soul Arbiter Edit

The Advanced Class of The Monk and Inqirer.

Grandmaster Edit

A class that relies on long cast times to inflict major damage to enemies in sight.

Necromancer Edit

A class that relies on de-buffs to inflict major damage. A very useful class for guild wars or other PvP action

Rune Master Edit

Rune Masters are little more than advanced Elemental Masters. They excel in fighter and rogue buffing but little else. Rune Masters do, however, gain the only skill to inflict silence outright.


Sniper Edit

A rogue that uses muskets (?)

Entrapper Edit

Advanced Treasure Hunter, gets Fire and Ice traps

Blade Taker Edit

Human only dagger job. Allows you to dual wield.

Arch Ranger Edit

Advanced ranger

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