Equipment Delivery
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Tierre
Ending NPC Boucheron
Prerequisites Completion of "Friendly Neighbor"
Required Level 4
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 299 EXP
Quest Chain
Previous Next
Friendly Neighbor Meeting with the Guild Manager


Haha, this is quite extraordinary, having Wiff send greetings for me. Well, it's true that we've become close recently. We've been speaking to each other often. Oh, I should have said hello earlier. Hi! I am Tierre, the Rogue Class Master. As you can see, I also take charge of an important job at the Rogue Union. do seem quite swift. Tell me if you're interested in the Rogue, I'll train you. You will have to look for me when you Switch Job later on. There's no loss in getting to know our location. Would you grant me a favor since you came? I'd be grateful if you bring back for me the Equipment that I left for repair. <Accept the quest>

If you go and tell Boucheron, the Equipment Dealer, about me he will give the Equipment. You'll find Boucheron if you go down the Road on the Right towards the Port.


Meet Boucheron, the Armor Merchant in Alker Harbor.

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