Draka is a giant Lizardman that occasionally appears in Moon Blind Swamp. He can be found in between the Orcish Patrol Grounds and the Patrol Station, near a large bonfire.



Level 42 Attack Type Melee
HP 8529 Locations Moon Blind Swamp
Gold ~967
Aggro Short Special Attacks Physical Attack Power Decrease
Boss Yes
Item Drop 1~3 Sapphire Piece, 4 Orichalcum Piece, Accesswell
Equipment Drop Lizardman Costume Gloves(7 Days), Lizardman Costume Boots(7 Days), Lizardman Costume Body(7 Days), Lizardman Costume Mask(7 Days), Parrot's Leather Helmet, Cursed Fingernail, Coyote's Cursed Wand, Fox's Stiletto, Crocodile's Battle Bow

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