Delivering the Armor
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Ellenshar
Ending NPC Tierre
Prerequisites Completion of "Meeting with the Guild Manager"
Required Level 4
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 750 Gold, 448 EXP, Rabbit's Traveler's Leather Armor
Quest Chain
Previous Next
Meeting with the Guild Manager None


I see that you've come for the Armor. Has Boucheron sent you? I've taken good care of it. Hmm? Now that I see, you're a new face! Good to meet you. I'm taking care of the general affaris of the guild such as the jining and dismantlement. From now on, you can come to me when you do guild related tasks. Oh! I almost forgot. I shall deliver the armor myself later. Please go and tell Tierre so. <Accept the quest.>

You probably know, but Tierre is in the most inner side at the end of the Alley, face-to-face with Wiff.


You should deliver Ellenshar's message to Tierre, The Rogue Union Class Master in Alker Harbor.

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