Required Level:
Starting NPC:
Ending NPC:
  • 216,664 EXP




An urgent request came in. You're interested, are you not?

My merchant's union has put a bounty on the head of a particularly terrible menace. He used to be a fierce warrior who reduced even the most valient of knights to tears and dust. The man was brought down one day, but now has come back, under some foul sorcery and is out for vengence. Now any adventurer that faces him is destroyed! We found one adventurer that hid and did manage to get a look at him. If only some brave soul would defeat this evil. Who ever will try, it won't be easy.

I don't know what I can offer as a price, but would you be up for the challenge? The monste's name is long forgotten. It is now called the Bone Cavalier.

I won't try to stop you but...Be careful. The Bone Cavalier has been sighted in the area. We have not been able to pinpoint his location yet. He was last seen in the region near the docks. He's mounted though, so he could be anywhere. Ready yourself and good hunting!


Any news of the Bone Cavalier yet? While I've been hearing rumors of a brave adventurer fighting him, I've heard no news of victory.

Ooh! Word is you're a hero! That so? Wow, that's impressive! It's been a worry on our minds for so long. No one thought it could be done. But you did an amazing job!

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