Class Master
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Farouk
Ending NPC Wiff
Prerequisites Completion of "Collecting Information"
Required Level 4
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 299 EXP
Quest Chain
Previous Next
Collecting Information Friendly Neighbor

BackgroundEdit you're a traveler? Is this your first time in this village? I see that Luna has brought you to me. I am the manager of the Magic League, Farouk. Come to me if you have any questions about magic in the future. And, it will be good to look around and learn the geography of this Alker Harbor. It isn't such a large village, but you will have to come soon. Follow this road into the village's inner center. There you can meet Wiff of the Chivalry and Tierre of the Rouge Union. They are all Classmasters like me. <Accept the quest>

First, follow the Alley into the Inner Side of the Village to meet Wiff.


Meet Wiff, the Knight Party Class Master in Alker Harbor.

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