What can I say about Cardinals? One of the most common chosen and definitely one of the strongest mage class' level 105 jobs. This job has devastating AoE's. A common path most players take is Mage>Wizard>Sorcerer>Inquirer>Cardinal. A lot of people say that Cardinals are mainly PvP type due to its ability to nuke a player quickly and efficiently. It's AoEs are very strong but consume a lot of SP. Inquirer is commonly chosen prior to this job due to its amazing stat growth making Cardinal incredibly powerful. Cardinals have heals that support them and skills that allow them to be self sufficient when grinding solo.


Fast Heal 10

Revive 3

Group Heal 20

Great Heal 20

Sacrifice 3

Transfer Mana 10

Shield of Justice 10

Holy Taker 10

Enhance MP

Wisdom 7

Bless Heart 9

Holy Barrier 9

Wizardry 4

Beholder 6

Shrewd Spell 5

Intensive Mana 3

Orpheus' Poem 4

Mana Aura 9

Cure Poison 5

Reinforce Wisdom 10

Blessing Mage 10

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