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Brown bear

Brown Bear

Level 20 Attack Type Melee
HP 350 Locations Zakandia Outpost
Gold 73 ~ 141
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 50 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 50 kills
Walk Quotes
  • Grrrrrrr!
  • Go away, tiredness!
  • I have a friend who has a yellow body and likes wearing red shortsleeved...
  • Meh... I don't feel like doing anything.
  • Of course, brown bears are the best!
  • When can I learn the rolling skill?
  • Hah... It's really hot in this thick leather.
  • Bowwow! Wait, no, Grrrrrrrrrr!
Death Quotes
  • Ah, if only I'd eaten mugwort for one more day...
  • Please make a good use of my gall...
  • There are many bears that are stronger than me. You should watch out.
  • Ha! You are.... strong...
  • You are the strongest fighter I've seen since that baby dinosar.

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