Required Level:
Starting NPC:
Ending NPC:
  • 216,664 EXP
Quest Chain:

1. A Favor For Kasya
2. Kasya's Surveying Tools
3. Bounter Hunter




Hey you! Are you the one Kasya was talking about? If you are the one I have some work for you if you're free.

You see, since I'm your local merchant, I have a lot of connections. One of these connections is a supply chain that was headed over to my shop. They were supposed to to b e here several days ago but no one has shown up yet.

So obviously, this being like the 'Island of Death' and such, my mind wanders to the worst. See, they has some really valuable things on that supply chain; really rare things. I would go and investigate it myself, but I don't trust leaving my shop unattended.

So what do you say? I don't really care about suppliers, they were con artists practically, but those items, ohhh man it would be so nice to actually get my hands on them. I'll reward you handsomely if you go and gather them all for me. You should be able to find them on monsters surrounding the area.

Go out from here, you should come across them rather quickly. Some of them are weaker than others, and some are extremely strong, even thought to be impossible to defeat. Check your armor and weapons, because they're everywhere. The monsters should be easy to pick off due to their numbers. Once they're dead, taking the trophies will be easy.


So will you take the bounty and collect Trophies for the Hunter's Union?

How many trophies do you have there? Oh, you have all 30 Trophies! If you want the bounty again, go for it but I expect another 30! This isn't a negotiation.

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