Stage OneEdit

Blunt Shield Name Weapon Type Prerequisite Max Level
Blunt Shield Must be equipped with Shield Active None 5
Description: Bashes the target on the head with your shield and damages with an attack force of 97. Has a 55% chance to stun. (Shield only)
Skill Level Player Level Mana SP Gold Effects Cool-Down
1 20 20 1 300 Damages a target for 97. Has a 55% chance to stun. (see note for stun status) ? Sec
2 ? ? ? 2000? Damages a target for ?. Has a 57%(?) chance to stun. ? Sec
3 ? ? ? ? Damages a target for ?. Has a 59%(?) chance to stun. ? Sec
4 ? ? ? ? Damages a target for ?. Has a 61%(?) chance to stun. ? Sec
5 ? ? ? ? Damages a target for ?. Has a 63%(?) chance to stun. ? Sec


1. Monsters/players affected by stun status cannot:



Use skills/magics

Use potions/scrolls





2. It is unclear if whether the stun status will make the player loose evasion rate.

3. The Duration of the stun may varies depending on different skills.

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