Blue Beard Pirate (Lv100)

Level 100 Attack Type Melee
HP 23726 Locations Nera Port
Gold Approx. 812~1409
Aggro Yes Special Attacks It uses one special move that does not apply any status effects, but it still has a visual effect.
Boss No
Item Drop
Equipment Drop
  • (Working on it)
Walk Quotes
  • But that doesn't mean our beard is blue.
  • Poker face! That's the essential virtue of pirates.
  • Me catty's name is 'Orlando Bloom'!
  • I'm fantastic in short.. Haha.
  • We are blue beards pirates!!
  • I'm not that poor 't be barefoot.
  • Ah.. where's my shoes dude.
  • Me puppy's name is 'Johnny Deck'.
Death Quotes
  • (Working on it)
Fun Facts
  • The walking quotes pay tribute to Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, who both played starring roles in the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lower Blue Beard Pirate

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