Black Gargoyle Map

Black Gargoyle is an extremely rare spawn that can be found in Moon Blind Forest. While the exact amount of time it takes for it to appear is 2 hours, it seems to only spawn once every several hours. It has been confirmed to appear in Secret Mountain on North of Moon Blind Forest, East of Moon Blind Forest (gargoyle Spot), and South of Moon Blind Forest (Eyebat Alley). It spawns with two Perpetrator of Gargoyles.

In addition, should you try to fight it and die, then it will regain all of its hp.
Level 35 Attack Type Melee
HP ? Locations Moon Blind Forest
Gold ~1843
Aggro Short Special Attacks ?
Boss Yes
Item Drop 7 Heart Stones, 1-4 Emeralds, 1 Argentums, 2 Rubys
Equipment Drop Lion's Helmet, Cross Shield,