Black bear

Black Bear

Level 22 Attack Type Melee
HP 377 Locations Zakandia Outpost, Zakandia
Gold 84 ~ 168
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss Gyer
Item Drop
based on 50 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 50 kills
  • Hard Leather Gloves (4%) #2
  • Hard Leather Armor (..) #0
  • Leather Gloves of Meditation (..) #0
  • Leather Long Boots of the Fierce (1%) #0
  • Leather Long Boots of Meditation (..) #0
  • Bear Leather Belt (..) #0
Walk Quotes
  • Dandies like the color black. Black like my leather.
  • Grrrrrrrr!
  • Why can't I be on the commercial with the polar bears?!
  • I have a friend that eats honey and likes wearing red shortsleeved t-shirts.
  • I'm starting to feel hungry again.
  • It still feels like I'm in hiBEARation! Get it?!
  • Bowwow! Wait no, Grrrrrrrrrr!
  • Blech. It's really hotin this thick leather.
  • Ah, I don't feel like doing anything.
Death Quotes
  • Strong one... I'm exasperated...
  • Ah, if only I'd eaten mugwort for one more day...
  • Please make a good use if my gall..
  • You are the strongest fighter I've seen since that baby dinosaur.