The Bishop is the Tier 4 class of choice for mages wishing to play in a healing or supportive role. Bishops are highly valued in parties for their unmatched ability to keep party members alive in the most difficult of situations. Bishops have access to cast time reduction skills as well as some decent damage dealing alternatives.


Divine Sword 10

Fast Heal 15

Divine Curse 10

Revive 2

Group Heal 15

Great Heal 20

Sacrifice 1

Transfer Mana 5

Enhance MP 7

Wisdom 5

Bless Heart 7

Holy Barrier 3

Wizardry 3

Might 3

Shield 3

Beholder 4

Shrewd Spell 3

Mana Aura 5

Cure Poison 4

Reinforce Wisdom 8

Blessing Mage 8

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