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Newbie's Belt Edit

  • Obtained From: at game start
  • Stats:
+5 Strength
+5 Intelligence

Part of the "Challenging Mind" set. If all three items are worn, gives +10 HP recovery and +5 MP recovery as well.

Bear Leather Belt Edit

  • Stats:
+6 Strength
+4 Vitality
+25 HP

Belt of Darkness Edit

  • Stats:

def :10 mdef :15

+15 Intelligence
+10 Wisdom
+50 HP
+45 MP

Belt Of Wisdom Edit

  • Level: Unlimit
  • Obtained From: Drapia (Raid Boss) (Tomb Dragonian 2F)
  • Stat:

def :10 mdef :15

+8 Intelligence
  • +25% Magical Critical Rate
  • -4% Magic Cast Speed

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