Assassins strike from the shadows without warning, emerging from stealth to deal massive damage to a single target. Assassins are the most effective melee damage dealers the Rogue guild has to offer. They can invest in powerful passive abilities that boost their natural critical strike rate and damage, and have the most powerful stealth skills of all the Rogue classes. Assassins like to get up close and personal with their targets, using daggers to quickly and quietly defeat their foes.


Rapid Slashing 10

Fatal Blast 10

Perforate 15

Wind Breaking 15

Sudden Raid 10

Death Blow 10

Final Blow 10

Dagger Training 10

Light Evasion 8

Blindside 8

Zephyr 7

Quick Move 4

Stealth 4

Predator 2

Team Evasion 8

Blessing Rogue 8

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