Required Level:
Starting NPC:
Ending NPC:
  • 165 Gold
  • 105 Exp
  • HP Potions (Level 1~9)
  • MP Potions (Level 1~9)
  • [Vehicle] White Horse (15days)
Quest Chain:

1. Rien's Advice
2. Battle Training
3. Ask for Help
4. Securing a Trade Route



I am here to support Alker. Monsters have been increasing in number recently, putting novice travelers in Blueland in danger. Please come find me anytime you need help. Oh! Will you go to Marche over there? I think Marche is in trouble. I have to defend this place, so please help Marche for me, will you?

If you turn your head, you will see Marche right away. Go listen to Marche's story.

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