The Alker Harbor is the main city in the city that the new players go to after their tutorial in the Gate of Alker. It connects to the the Gate of Alker, the Ruins of Draconia, Light House Dock, Desolate Ravine, Nera Castletown, and the Farming Regions. It sells all the level 5-20 equipment.

NPC ListEdit

NPC Location
Celerian(Family Manager)
Ellenshar(Guild Manager)
Wiff(Knights Party)
Farouk(Magician's League)
Tierre(Rogue Union)
Boucheron(Armor Merchant)
Tasartia(Materials Merchant)
Chef(Cooking Aid)
Kitty Cat(House Manager)
Lime(Farm Manager)
Hafreban(Port Manager)
Spirit of the Fo(Forest Spirit)
Parada(Sales Rep NPC)
Event Mouse(Event NPC)
Request Board

Monster ListEdit


  • Alker Harbor features most of the player shops.
  • Luna Online: Reborn events are most commonly held in Alker Harbor.

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Region MapEdit

Alker Harbor

Icon descriptionsEdit

  • Hometown save point1 - Hometown save point
  • Jobcoach1 - Jobcoach
  • Merchant1 - Merchant
  • NPC1 - NPC
  • Region Portal1 - Region Portal
  • Warehouse1 - Warehouse