A Helping Hand
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Talk to Wiff
Ending NPC Return to Wiff
Prerequisites n/a
Required Level 70 or above
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 1,491,000 exp, 50,000 gold, Emblem of Sacrifice
Quest Chain
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Speak to Wiff in alker harbor. He will ask you to deliver 100 Large HP Potions and 100 Large Mana Potions to Ellenshar. (You can get these potions at Moon Blind Forest, Red Orc Outpost, Mont Blanc Harbor, and Nera.) After you give him the potions he will tell you to do deliver a package to Jose who is in Ruins Of Draconian. (Do not destroy the packages he gives you or you will have to delete the quest and start over) Once you give Jose the package you will need to go to Equpos who is in Moon Blind Forest. Now, you need to go to Barka who is Moon Blind Swamp. Barka will inform you that Heromech in Red Orc Outpost has asked for support and will send you to him. He will tell you to kill Magic Powered Giant which are in the Howling Ravine for Reports. Once you get the report return to Heromech. He will tell you to Return to Wiff in Alker Harbor. (Quest Complete)


At the end of the quest you will get an item called Emblem of Sacrifice which is used for a fighter tier 4 class change. There is more items you will need other than this for the fighter tier 4 class change and all of them are neccesary to have.

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