Required Level:
Starting NPC:
Ending NPC:
  • 216,664 EXP
Quest Chain:

1. A Favor For Kasya
2. Kasya's Surveying Tools
3. Bounter Hunter




Fresh off the dock huh? Great, take in the amazing atmosphere here in Mont Blanc. When I'm not off collecting rare herbs for experiments I'm trying to figure out how to avoid these dang monsters. I'm quick enough to avoid them but there are so many!

Hey, would you do me a favor? I mean if you can, and have time... Near the entrance of Mont Blanc Port are Skeletons. They've been causing a lot of damage around the port. Can you help thin the herd and take a few of them out? I hope you can!

Really: Thank you so much! Go smack around those Skeletons! I think taking out 30 of them will do the trick.


How are things coming with that favor? Haha, I almost want to go out and see how things are going.

Really? Done already? You've totally outdone yourself with this! Wasn't so bad, right? I hope you'll be ok with doing another favour for me in the future.

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